Sealing Machine

Provide the most reliable and most affordable shading Net Machine, Riya Mechatronics is based on the rich manufacturing experience of Agro Shade Net Machine, developed the highest quality green net manufacturing machine, and manufactured the shading Net Machine with the best shading effect. Riya Mechatronics is your most trusted green net manufacturing machine manufacturer and supplier.

The green net manufacturing machine produced by Riya Mechatronics not only produce excellent quality sunshade nets, but also have a wide range of applicable plastic materials. Most importantly, we provide high-quality shade Net Machine to China, Turkey, Manufacturers in Poland, Russia, and the Middle East at the most affordable low price.


This machine is suitable to manufacturing knotless plastic net, such as shade net, building-safety net ,farming net, olive net, wind and dust net, anti-insect net, anti-bird net ,anti-hail net ,bale wrap net by using PP,PE,HDPE as raw material. Nets for agricultural, construction and sports use, such as shade net, green house net, anti-birds & wind protection net, building safety nets, scaffold net, industrial net, football gate net & packing nets (for potato, onion, fruit) etc.